Nervous Conditions

by Wasted Potential

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released October 20, 2015

Recorded by: Simon Larochette
Mixed by: Ian Blurton
Mastered by: Stu Mckillop



all rights reserved


Wasted Potential London, Ontario

5 dudes making rock music. go follow us

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Track Name: Cumlords
lady loves to dance
lacing my menthol cigarettes
with big words tied to ribbons
then wrapped around my head
and convesations peppered with questions
like "are you hungry?"
"i'm simply starving"

i know you've got no time
to try to let me down

emmanuel and shirlene
had been fitted and deemed fitting
to skate atop vanilla icing
"we were once so young"
she paused to reflect
as they climbed the city hall steps

it's not longevity it's a nervous condition
not that i'm unhappy, i'm afraid of everything
Track Name: Sleeveless in Seattle
i'm afraid of everything
and just a few vague comments away
from cursing your home town by name

during the summer i gave up
away baited breath and falling for bad artists
i should've been cutting my teeth,
so i started cutting my teeh
and scribbled in poor penmanship
and signed lovingly from me,

stay negative
i'm afraid of everything
it's not longevity it's a nervous condition
not that i'm unhappy i'm afraid of everything
Track Name: Bingo Arms
on roaming fields where wild lavender grows
i was a young man in a young man's clothes
came from the north because mama i was hungry
but i'm still starving
these palatial estates had offered
dreams to be dreamt
but i would never shake
the feeling of displacement
because i was hungry and i'm still starving

i was born a bastard infant
to a night time cleaner
and a high school student
moved north to a slew of apartments
but all was lost in a fire

they can see us crawling from adjacent lawns

we the rats
Track Name: Robert Munsch's Coke Habit
their hissing minds have become second
to the smaking lips of
would be excellent mothers
feral youth is now tempered
and hammered out
free of fire, irony clad
with sewn shut mouths

they cut off all their hair
and climbed out of the trees
but their blood was still wreckless
bodies still neckless in lieu of spine
were these the years they were alive?
nothing has made them heroes

feral youth have we grown?
we've climbed to the tops of hot tin rooves
do we burn our feet or jump off